Five Tips for elevate your exhibiting strategy

Five Tips for elevate your exhibiting strategy


Trade shows let businesses craft the opportunity to network face-to-face with other companies and potential clients while providing an arena to present their products to a wide audience. But your success depends on the time you’ve spent preparing.

Visiting or participating in a trade show offers a lot to any brand or business in many aspects. A trade show is a hot pot for industry insights, direct B2B business, or for building a Brand reputation.

Thought-out exhibition stand ideas prior to putting together an exhibition stand for a trade show are critical for success. Here are five quick tips to improve the effectiveness of your exhibiting strategy.

Set goals before the trade show

Trade shows are effective marketing tools for gaining new clients, maintaining existing customer relationships, presenting innovations or even learning about them. To do this however it’s important for you to start the planning process in advance with a clearly defined goal. You should have a clear answer to the following question:

  • What will appearing in this trade show brings me, my business, my team, my company, and my brand?
  • Do I need to participate in a trade show at this stage of my business? Or will merely attending help?

This the only way your team and all the stakeholders involved can coordinate with each other towards a common goal in an efficient manner.

Without a clear plan, you’re very likely to lose a substantial chunk of your leads due to a mismatch in business objectives, the effects of which are guaranteed to trickle down to your team’s morale.



So ensure that you write down your objectives well ahead of time and make it crystal clear to everyone involved.

Have a timeline

This should be self-evident but still bears mentioning, you’re likely to get into difficulties meeting your deadlines before the exhibition. So it helps to keep some buffer time.

Having a timetable also helps to structure your project and helps remind all the parties involved in critical milestones to achieve. Through a clear timeline, bottlenecks and time sinks can also be identified and accounted for. This will ensure that your deadlines will move smoothly and any delays can be dealt with in an efficient manner.

Your stand design should match your brand

If you want to make a lasting and memorable impression, your exhibition stand design must feel like a familiar extension of your brand, your target audience, and trade show. This means that you should consider, how different types of exhibition stands influence the kind of impression you will set at the trade show.

Here are some pointers we suggest:

  • Use a stand system that can be set up easily and offers design flexibility.
  • Consult an exhibition stand design company to assist you in figuring out which design will suit your brand.
  • Ensure that you have an open presentation area, that is easily visible in an enticing manner that invokes the curiosity of any passersby
  • So there you have it, we hope that you’re able to incorporate these tips into your strategy and capitalise on the benefits you are likely to gain

Get your trade show booth design made by a local contractor

Building an exhibition stand is a lot of work. You need to oversee the timeline of the entire process from production to delivery.  Your difficulties don’t end there. You also need to manage the logistics of getting your exhibition stand to the trade fair, which depending on the region you are exhibiting in, would require you to manage to ship your exhibition stand design through customs. So one of the best exhibiting tips we can give you is that you should get your trade show stand made by stand contractor that has a local presence in the region you plan to exhibit in. This alleviates a lot of your logistical burdens and lets you spend your time and resources into preparing for your trade show presence.

Thoroughly train your on-site staff

Your exhibition stand design can help you attract visitors but it will be your staff that will retain them. Training your staff to communicate with visitors at the exhibition show is crucial. They need to learn what features your product and service has. You also need to train them to identify, which customers are their target audience. Make sure that they are goal-oriented when talking to prospects, will let your staff become more efficient at conversions.


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