Shoes for Crews- A massive collection, artfully showcased at A+A Dusseldorf


Shoes for Crews are known for their innovative range of footwear for the industrial workforce. They enjoy a positive presence in Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, and the United States. To reinforce their brand influence in the market, they choose A+A Dusseldorf for presenting their assortment of products.

Expo Display Service was entrusted with task of building their exhibition booth. They had planned to showcase their extensive range of shoes in a medium-size two corner booth.


  • Shoes for crew
  • Shoes for crew
  • Shoes for crew


Our Solution

  • A 32.5 square meter booth was constructed to store and display more than 50 pairs of shoes without making the booth look cluttered.
  • Shoes for Crews had planned to exhibit several times a year, so Expo Display Service created a reusable modular exhibition booth for them.
  • The stand was compact but was made to look eye-catching with its back-lit exhibition graphics
  • Stylized display showcases were installed to exhibit the shoes on either corners of the booth with in-built lights.
  • 2 exclusive D-racks were created to display 14 pairs of shoes.
  • A small display stand was installed on the table to showcase some more shoes.
  • A reception desk and storage area was created as well.

The exhibition stand built for Shoes for Crews effectively engaged their audience and greatly enhanced their market visibility.



Maximum size 10MB

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