100% Pre-built guarantee – A preview of your trade show booth well in advance


Pre-built means building your full stand with graphics and all stand equipment before the final exhibition to show it to the clients how their stand will look on the show day. As an exhibitor, getting pre-built guarantee is important as sometimes final outcome can vary from what you have decided or planned. Professional exhibitors do not take chances and make sure that their clients do not get any last minute surprises and thus offer pre-built guarantee.

The benefits of pre-building

At Expo Display Service, we provide 100% pre-built guarantee to our clients to avoid last-minute hassles
We pre-built the exhibition booth weeks before the show at our pre-building facilities in Europe
Pictures of the fully assembled trade show booth are shared with you to make sure that you are happy with every bit of it
Complete quality assurance
You have the final look and feel of the stand and prepare yourself accordingly

To get free design proposal call us at +49 151 62841259 or email at international@expodisplayservice.com



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