How to pick the right stand design ideas for your show appearance

How to pick the right stand design ideas for your show appearance


First, we need to make it clear what design means when it comes to exhibition booths. Many exhibitors often assume it’s simply a matter of putting some brand-aligned graphics on a booth. But that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what a booth designer has to consider. Any experienced designer knows that a trade show booth design requires being familiar with how each design element contributes to trade show marketing, on the whole.

Before you even decide the booth type, you need to consider the floor plan of the show, the lighting at the show space and the placement of the booth. These are just some of the several elements that will affect the size, look, and orientation of your booth. It’s a clear waste of effort if you decide to not optimise your booth design based on the booth location on the trade fair ground. Even if you plan to pick from prebuilt exhibition stands for hire, choosing one that matches your branding goals can be difficult to visualise. Unless you consult a booth designer, you won’t feel completely satisfied with any stand design you pick. But there are certain guidelines you can follow when choosing the right stand design ideas. We’ll discuss them in detail so that you can gain a deeper understanding of picking up the right kind of stand design ideas that would suit your brand image.

Have Clear Objectives

Clearly defined objectives are a must when it comes to participating as an exhibitor at a trade show. Objectives will help you strike out any stand ideas that don’t suit your current strategy. If you plan to introduce a new product at the trade show, then it would make sense to spend some money on a lit display case. On the other hand, if you plan to the network then it’s clear that you have to incorporate an attractive reception counter with some comfortable seating. You can benefit from having a clear objective since it lets you know if a particular stand design would meet your target. Additionally, it also allows your team to focus and work as one single unit prior to and during the trade show.

Know Your Audience

It is crucial to thoroughly research your target audience. Their preferences and perceptions should influence your exhibition stand graphics. Pay attention to the average age and income level of your targeted demographic. If you’re planning to participate in the trade fair that is indirectly related to your line of work then make it a point to get to know the industry well and the jargon they use. Get inspired by the exhibition booths of exhibitors who participated previously in the trade show you plan to attend. See what they did right and see if you can incorporate it into your stand design ideas. Aligning your design ideas to the preference of your target audience will help you get an edge over your competition.



Plan out your budget

Don’t fall in the trap of finalising your stand design ideas before you work out the cost of every bit involved. Good trade show booth designs are not cheap to build. Even equipment, such as counters and tables, has to be customised to match your brand’s identity. Your costs can rack up if you don’t monitor your spending closely. Luckily, several reputed stand designers understand how expensive it is to make a stand design. So they offer exhibition stands for hire at all-inclusive price packages that come pre-equipped with all the equipment and furnishings you would need.

Finally, do incorporate our suggestions in ways that suit your approach. The methods we’ve listed are just tools to refine your approach to inspiring new design ideas. If you’re a frequent exhibitor, then these methods will be valuable additions to your toolbox.

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