How to Market Your Trade Show on Youtube

How to Market Your Trade Show on Youtube


Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most frequented site after Google? Just look up its user base statistics, it is massive and more users keep joining month after month. This means it is critical to incorporate YouTube and learn how to market your Youtube video. Marketing analysts have calculated that YouTube gets over 400 million unique visitors every month. This makes it the 2nd largest social network, right behind Facebook. This makes YouTube a viable avenue to reach a brand new audience for your trade show promotion.

YouTube allows users to upload videos and share them across several platforms. The process is so easy that users can upload the video they have recorded on their phones within minutes. And since Google owns YouTube, it gets a boost in search engine rankings, which means that you are likely to reach out to a broader audience.

Exhibitors these days are making the most of YouTube when exhibiting. You will often find them recording their exhibition stand design on the show grounds so that they can upload it and share it with their network. That’s not all. YouTube has a huge audience that looks up ‘how-to videos’, walkthrough videos, and 360-degree experience videos. They are constantly looking to live vicariously through these types of videos. This visual medium is easily consumed and most frequently consumed by audiences due to its accessibility, so to market on Youtube will benefit your brand reach and help you reach out to a new target audience.

YouTube is a useful marketing channel to build and sustain popularity, engagement, and attendance for your events. If you take the time to identify opportunities, you will present something that is novel and often overlooked by marketers within your industry.

After all, an image or a description of an event can never match the clarity of videos. Don’t assume that people won’t be interested in knowing about your brand appearance at trade shows. Businesses that are part of your industry would gladly eat it up; be it clients, vendors, or even your competition. After all, people are always looking to know more.

What makes a YouTube channel marketable  

First, some reality checks, a user who comes on YouTube doesn’t want to see you promote your company, that’s not how to market on Youtube. Rather they want to be informed. So avoid posting videos that are purely promotional. Instead, go for videos that engage viewers emotionally. Marketing your video is no different from trying to attract attendees to your exhibition stand design. Both require an attractive presentation, distinct visuals, engaging the interests of viewers and presenting your brand with enthusiasm and some humor. And, unlike an exhibition stand design, which depends on a visual flair to capture interest, you have more tools at your disposal to make your YouTube videos more engaging.

Make it easy for the audience to find your channel

If you can’t dedicate time and money to fully integrate YouTube, you can still incorporate videos with your email and social media page. You can also as a part of your trade show stand promotional activities, you can highlight the rewards viewers will receive if they visit your stand. These can include free treats, flat discounts, giveaways, special offers, and promotions. A video, in this case, will have a more significant impact than a bulleted list or a brochure.


Use Novelty

Do your viewers know what it’s like to use a high-end product from your industry? Then make a video on it. For instance, comparing a 5$ product with a 100$ product is a great way to engage your viewers. Most people like to know what it’s like to use an expensive product and see hosts participate in activities that viewers themselves can’t participate in due to, fear, budget or location.




Educational Content

Another sure-fire way of adding value to your videos is by using educational content. Not everyone would be interested in knowing more about trade show stands. But educational content doesn’t mean dry, boring facts. You can use your marketing and presentation skills to make it exciting and engaging.

How-to videos will always remain in vogue for viewers. After all, there is always someone out there having trouble understanding how a particular product or service works. You can cover that industry niche, especially if you are using YouTube as a long-term marketing strategy. A video-walkthrough at trade show counts as educational. You can show your clients and viewers how the trade show you’re participating in looks from the inside. Highlight your experience, your failures, and what you did right.

Choose the title of your video correctly

Here’s a final tip, if you are making your videos with the intention to promote your brand at a tradeshow, keep the title simple for search indexing. Use the show’s name, your company’s name, and booth number (optional) in the title. Also, at the end of your video mention where your exhibition stand design is located, ideally with pictures or maps.

For a longer promotional campaign, keep your video title short and to the point. Use catchy modifiers in your title to showcase the topic of your video. A good example can be; How to categorise your sales feedback on Excel in three easy steps. Using large numbers is another strategy such as 1000$ product VS 5$ product comparison.

Towards the end of these videos, you can mention that your company is participating in an upcoming trade show and that your viewers should give you a visit. Give them the opportunity to engage with your brand directly, either through your social media page or exhibition appearance.

So, in conclusion, when you create a YouTube promotion video keep the following principles in mind.

  • Don’t turn it purely promotional
  • If you’re promoting your exhibition stand design, provide incentives
  • Attract your viewers with novelty. Your video could be about an event they’ve never attended, a product they thought they never needed.
  • Create informational videos such as video tutorials to raise credibility.

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