How to design your trade show displays to attract more people?

How to design your trade show displays to attract more people?

How do you determine if your trade show participation has been successful? There are multiple factors, including the number of leads generated, audience engagement, and interaction with prospective customers and so on. But for all of this to happen, you must attract people to your trade show display. Therefore choosing the appropriate trade show booth design ideas to attract your audience becomes necessary.

You can find reliable exhibition stand builders to bring your vision to life; however, going through the endless listings online can become a tedious task which does not provide quality satisfaction.. Not every stand builder will offer the similar results; hence you need to be wise while deciding exhibition booth design prospects. You can decide on the right exhibition stand builder to create a display that will attract the maximum audience. And if you already have a display, even small enhancements can make a big difference. Here are a few things you must know while choosing or upgrading your trade show displays.

Light up your booth with backlit elements

While bringing a significant improvement to your display structure, design is not the only element for the trade show booth. You need to consider different factors to enhance the overall look of the display.

Adding backlit elements to your trade show booth displays will allow you to grab the audience’s attention. If you have a modular display, change one of the existing features for a backlit display option. Backlit counters and graphics are good additions to trade show exhibits. You can also update other lighting features to further increase your stall’s visibility on a dark trade show floor. You can also play with your existing light fixtures to create a new look.


Engage the audience using technology

Technology drives the world, and you must bring your ‘A’ game to expand your target audience. Adding monitors, iPads, and other interactive exhibits can enhance your booth’s overall look. The overall enhancement of graphical designs makes your booth look more modern, improves the appearance of your booth, and empowers you to create customized messages for your particular target audience. Most exhibition stands are reusable and work like a one-time investment throughout the exhibition season. Though changing the entire stall for every exhibition can become a tumultuous and expensive affair, you can update the graphics to add a new element and appeal to your existing exhibition stands.




Redesign your booth for each show’s audience

If you choose a modular trade show booth design idea, you are in luck! You can rearrange your booth’s layout easily by replacing the old or worn-out parts with brand-new parts, or by buying elaborate features to enhance your existing exhibit. Adding a backlit feature or other eye-catching design is very simple for many modular displays. You can purchase extra parts to convert your booth to a different size instead of getting an entirely new booth. Reworking on  your modular display’s layout can also make a massive difference in helping you improve your layout to increase audience traffic and visibility.

Add spaces for product display and audience interaction

Incorporating modern shelving or an additional display counter to demonstrate your product can attract more customers. A table can be added to give you space to interact with your audience. You can add the accessories according to the activities you’re planning to conduct at your stall; it can be a giveaway, a contest, or a fun game. You can communicate with your exhibition stall builder to ensure that focus should be on creating an amazing experience.

Lastly, replacing the flooring can make your whole booth look brand new. Trade show flooring withstands a lot of traffic, and it is often one of the first elements of a trade show display to go through normal wear and tear. Change that old floor with brand new flooring, and you’ll see how the entire trade show booth exhibit becomes brand new by making these subtle changes.

However, if you decide to create your trade show displays, we at Expo Display Services can help you find the right solution to make your exhibit stand out. You can choose a booth package and select a custom or pre-built booth. Further, we create custom modular hybrid booths to give you the best of both worlds – creative designs with the benefits of modular construction. We can be reliable exhibition stand builders and offer unique solutions according to your requirements.

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