Haibike – Velofollies Kortrijk Belgium 2018

Haibike –Adding overwhelming variety to the Velofollies Trade Fair


Haibike is Germany-based engineering company that specializes in building motorized bikes. The company had planned to participate in Velfollies trade fair at Belgium. Velofollies is one of the largest trade fair for cycling in Europe, which made it the right platform for Haibike to showcase its latest range of electric bikes.



The company commissioned Expo Display Service to build a booth for their 15×10 m2 exhibition space. To fulfill Haibike’s objective, we at Expo Display Service designed an island booth. This allowed us to display 50 bikes in an eye-catching but non-intrusive manner that let visitors view the bikes with ease. To grab the attention of wandering attendees in general, we designed a large ceiling banner with a triangular frame, this also provided greater visibility to Haibike’s brand. To make the booth even more pronounced to attendees we designed two large pillar walls with 3D graphics, they were placed adjacent to each other. To engage the guests even further a 52” Monitor was attached to one of the pillars, which highlighted the distinct features of Haibike’s products.

Haibike were quite satisfied with the booth and fulfilled their objective to showcase their product line with resounding success.



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