Empower Your Sales Team for Exhibiting Success

Empower Your Sales Team for Exhibiting Success


Nothing can compete with the influence of exhibition shows when it comes to pulling in new customers. Booking a slot in an exhibition is a great opportunity to bring sales, raise brand awareness and gain new clients. But to effectively utilize these opportunities requires careful planning and a strong sales team. A strong leadership and clear goals are needed for your exhibition stand to be a success.  Below you’ll find some tips to ensure that your sales force is ready to pull off a successful exhibition.

Give you team time to create a solid plan

The best time to start planning is at least three months before the exhibition. This gives you plenty of time to brainstorm ideas and prepare with your team and decide the types of exhibition stand which will suit your brand.  Simple actions such as marking your company calendar with the exhibition dates and setting up goals that you plan on finishing before the exhibition go a long way.

You’ll need to be even more careful if you’ve decided to attend multiple exhibitions in the future. Not only do you have to allocate time to plan for each of them, you would also need to decide on suitable stand types for each event.

One way to save time is to select a suitable exhibition stand design company to handle it for you. This allows you to avoid hassle of designing your own stand exhibition for each show, which is time-consuming and complex. These designers will also help you choose the correct exhibition stands for each of your show in a timely manner.



Lead your sales team like a coach

In any sports team, the job of a coach is to know the strengths and weaknesses of each player. Then formulate a strategy to win utilising their strengths, giving each player a specific goal. Just like in sports you need to lead your team to help them meet their goals and lead them to victory.

Set goals for your sales team before the exhibition. Ensure that they gain enough practice and knowledge to not only engage your target group flawlessly but also improvise and go off script if needed. You need ensure that your team is ready to meet their targets and not just engage in light conversation with the crowd.

Check up on your sales team throughout the day to see their progress.  You can also gather them at regular intervals to check on their progress and motivate them to achieve their goals. Offer a reward for salesperson who can exceed their targets is a great incentive. This will encourage them to perform better.

Motivate your Team after the Show

Even after the exhibition is over, your team will still require your leadership. Since you and your team are not done yet. You need to sit with your team and formulate plans on how to sort the leads they’ve collected and contact them. It’s critical to execute this phase in a timely manner, since other competitors would most likely be approaching the same leads that your team has gathered.

Success at an exhibition depends on the guidance you can provide to your sales team. Formulate a plan give your team plenty of time to practice and make sure you appreciate their hard work after the exhibition.

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