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Survey questions at an exhibition: 10 do’s and don’ts

Exhibitions provide the ideal chance for brands and companies to interact and communicate directly with their target audience. No other marketing platform can prove as beneficial […]

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Have you planned a booth at an international trade show? Check the 3 options!

Our global economy heavily relies on foreign trade and export. In order to make and maintain contact with foreign and overseas customers, participation in international trade […]

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DIY-stand or FSC stand?

We usually use these two terms to indicate the difference between a self-build exhibition stand and one which is fully built by your stand builder DIY […]

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Modular versus Custom Exhibition Stands? Choosing your perfect stand!

Exhibitions and trade shows are the perfect platform for showcasing a brand’s products and services. As an ideal opportunity for companies to engage and interact on […]

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21 quick tips for a successful international exhibition

25 quick tips for a successful international exhibition Being an exhibitor calls for an overall expert who can look at everything from a wide perspective. But […]

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Renting or buying a booth? Advantages and disadvantages

Should I rent or rather buy a booth? It’s a frequently asked question.   Before we get to answer about trade show rental vs buying, here […]

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What are the benefits of participating in an exhibition?

One of the questions that always lingered our minds: why do people participate in exhibitions?   Unlike other marketing activities, exhibitions and trade shows offer a […]

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Knowing the effect of light boxes and backlighting in exhibition stands

Knowing the effect of light boxes and backlighting in exhibition stands   Backlighting, also known as light boxes is not a new concept. Used on a […]

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