Brand experience: Crucial importance in an exhibition stand design

Brand experience: Crucial importance in an exhibition stand design


A lot of times an original exhibition design loses ground and connection with its audience. Instead something we were all familiar with is able to break new ground. With regard to the exhibition stand design we notice “brand stands” increasingly switch to “brand experience”. The exhibitions stands design nowadays is modular and flexible, taking focus away from grandiose look to functional, practical look. Exhibition shows after all are for its visitors, all about acquiring knowledge and networking.

Brand experience of crucial importance in an exhibitions stand’s design

Brand experience is of crucial importance in the stand’s design. Especially if you start designing for a younger generation between the age of 16-34. To them, experiences are much more important than the product itself. Why do some brands have strong brand exposition that appeal to one’s experience, while other brands don’t arouse any feeling? Brand experience makes this difference. After all, a shared, familiar experience has proven to be quite useful at getting users to be comfortable and ambivalent to a brand.

Modularity and flexibility are the latest trends

Modern marketers always wish to create a good exhibition brand appearance matching the specific exhibition and target group. They, however, don’t want to buy an expo stand or system again and again.  Flexibility and re-usability is the latest trend, becoming pragmatic choices for marketers, companies, and small scale exhibitors at exhibition shows.

Buying or renting a modular exhibition stand is the solution. A modular stand can be used for open days, information evenings, business days or other events as well. Stands or presentation walls can be extended as desired. You can easily convert your presentation wall into complete stands. Modular exhibition stand design consists of easy to fit modules which can be connected to each other infinitely and can be composed in all kinds of shapes.

Reusable and modular stand design types will save you a lot of money, preparation, and planning time. Furthermore, modular stand solutions are eco-friendly and sustainable as you can reuse them hundreds of times.

Here you can check out some of the reusable, eco friendly exhibition stand designs in Europe.

Sharing is the new selling

A company which can’t share knowledge with his visitor won’t get something in return. Sharing is the new selling it facilitates the narrative of your brand exposition. It’s the end of the traditional sales talk. By sharing knowledge and expertise with your visitor you will claim authority and the products you offer will become more reliable and qualitative.

Organize a “mini-seminar” to present your expertise and establish your credibility

Incorporate into your stand design a small ‘room’ and arrange a speaker for a short presentation (max. 15 minutes) about any topic that is relevant to your industry. Plan it at regular intervals and announce it through Twitter or any other popular social media outlet. Just be sure it’s the one that has the most attendees frequently log in on, there is no point posting on an exhibition show’s LinkedIn page if most of the activity is happening on their twitter page. By offering limited seats you will attract a lot of curious people who want to join. Online knowledge sharing has many avenues such as blogs, whitepapers and e-books.

Networking space

If you spent time enough time researching exhibition shows or look up the statistical research done by specific exhibition organisers, it mentions three important reasons to visit an exhibition:

  • Knowledge
  • Innovation
  • Networking



Knowledge and innovation in stand design is usually well-facilitated on most exhibitions by hiring a reliable exhibition stand designer. Knowledge and innovation doesn’t mean you need to re-invent the wheel. You can inspire yourself and acquire ideas by looking towards exhibition design by brands that have pulled large footfalls in previous exhibition shows. See what worked for them and try to figure out if you can implement the same for your brand.

But networking has to take place in the hallways. Both organizers as exhibitors will have to anticipate meeting and networking during exhibitions better. Social media tools have made it easier analyse and target the right audience and create a buzz to market stand design.

Organize a Tweet up to create buzz

Exhibition branding with the help of social media is a cost-effective way to generate more footfalls at the trade floor. Invite visitors through Twitter for a physical meeting. Of course the meeting point of this Tweet up will be your exhibition stand design or product or brand. To truly benefit from it you need to also include your existing customers, since they will act as social proof for your company, enabling potential attendees to take the next step and conduct business with you.

Exhibitions and events won’t disappear

Even in this age of rapid and quick globalised communication. Exhibitions and events will never disappear. Since the need for a live face to face meeting will always remain. After all an impersonal email can never match the trust a face to face conversation creates. Just like the need to experience brands and products. The rise of new media will create additional new chances of crafting creative ways to engage attendees with the exhibition stand in experience. A good anticipation will turn your next event even into a bigger success. With tablets, apps and other tools a visit to an exhibition could become more effective and efficient for both visitor and exhibitor.

Give away a valuable freebie like a Free WiFi connection

A good cell reception is a problem on most events and exhibitions. Also nobody is going to turn down a valuable freebie such as free charging ports or WiFi connections. A smart exhibitor allows a free WiFi connection, on one condition: The visitor has to give something in return, like for example his contact data.

Have an interactive product demonstration

Let your audience explore your product with you. Product demonstrations offer a clear benefit to your exhibition stall branding. Have follow-along product demonstrations for visitors at your exhibition stand. The benefits of these demonstrations is a clear fact, by acting it out your visitors are more likely to remember your brand. But other than the obvious benefit of customer engagement, it should also be noted that interactive product demos are great for gathering crowds, especially if have rewards planned for the participants.

Choose a local exhibition stand designer

The execution and delivery of your exhibition design is as important as your exhibition design ideas. To ensure that happens, you need to hire a stand designer that has a local presence in the region you are exhibiting in, this is important for two reasons. First is removes any culture gap that may arise in your exhibition design. After all, different cultures have different connotations to the same designs. White in western cultures is associated with purity, but in some eastern cultures it is associated with death. If you want a more macroscopic case take the colour yellow, in Germany it’s more likely to be associated to envy, while in other western regions it is more prominently associated with warmth and hospitality. The second reason is mobility; hiring a local exhibition stand designer will ensure that you are stand design is not stuck during customs and shipping, which will reduce your transport worries considerably.

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