Brand experience: Crucial importance in an exhibition stand design

The original exhibition loses ground. Something we were all familiar with breaks new ground. With regard to the stand’s design we notice “brand stands” increasingly switch to “brand experience” . The exhibition stands are nowadays modular and flexible. For visitors it’s all about acquiring knowledge and networking.

Brand experience of crucial importance in an exhibitions stand’s design

Brand experience is of crucial importance in the stand’s design. Especially if you start designing for the current generation in the age of 16-34. To them, experiences are much more important than the product itself. Why are some brands strong and appeal to one’s experience, while other brands don’t arouse any feeling? Brand experience makes this difference.

Modularity and flexibility are the latest trends

Modern marketers always wish to create a good appearance matching the specific exhibition and target group. They, however, don’t want to buy a new stand or system again and again. Flexibility is the latest trend.

Buying or renting a modular exhibition stand is the solution. A modular stand can be used for open days, information evenings, business days or other events as well. Stands or presentation walls can be extended as desired. You can easily convert your presentation wall into complete stands. It consist out of modules which can be connected to each other infinitely and can be composed in all kinds of shapes.

Reusable and modular stand solutions will save you a lot of money, preparation- and planning time. Besides, modular stand solutions are eco-friendly and sustainable as you can reuse them hundreds of times.

Here you can check out some of the reusable, eco friendly exhibition stand designs in UAE.


Sharing is the new selling

A company which can’t share knowledge with his visitor won’t get something in return. Sharing is the new selling. It’s the end of the traditional sales talk. By sharing knowledge and expertise with your visitor you will claim authority and your products and offer will become more reliable and qualitative.

Our tip: Organize a “mini-seminar”

​Turn your stand into a small ‘room’ and arrange a speaker for a short presentation (max. 15 minutes) about a certain topic. Plan it at regular intervals and announce it through Twitter. By offering limited seats you will attract a lot of curious people who want to join. A nice alternative for online knowledge sharing through blogs, whitepapers and ebooks.

Networking space

All exhibition researches mention three important reasons to visit an exhibition:
1) knowledge 2) innovation and 3) networking. Knowledge and offer are well-facilitated on most exhibitions, but networking has to take place in the hallways. Both organizers as exhibitors will have to anticipate meeting and networking during exhibitions better.

Our tip: Organize a Tweetup

Invite visitors through Twitter for a physical meeting. Of course meeting point of this Tweetup will be your stand.

Exhibitions and events won’t disappear!

Exhibitions and events will never disappear. The need for a (live) meeting will always remain. Just like the need to experience brands and products. The rise of new media will create new chances. A good anticipation will turn your next event even into a bigger success. With tablets, apps and other tools a visit to an exhibition could become more effective and efficient for both visitor and exhibitor.

Our tip: Free WiFi connection

A good WiFi-connection is a problem on most events and exhibitions. A smart exhibitor allows a free WiFi connection, on one condition: The visitor has to give something in return, like for example his contact data.

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