Augmented Reality Is The Best Immersive Experience For Your Attendees

Augmented Reality Is The Best Immersive Experience For Your Attendees


Do you remember the impact Pokémon Go created in 2016? We all do, right! That’s Augmented Reality for you. Over the years, it changed into the mainstream fun element, especially after the rise of Pokémon Go. With augmented reality gaining more recognition among the larger audiences through its easy-to-use technology, it has paved a new way for people to interact at events and exhibitions. We have heard it from the expert himself when in 2016; Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about augmented reality at the Republican Senator Orrin Hatch in Utah. He said –

‘AR will happen, it will happen in a big way, and we will wonder when it does, how we ever lived without it. Like we wonder how we lived without our phone today.’ – Tim Cook, CEO Apple

Slowly but steadily augmented reality is becoming the exhibition industry’s next big thing to engage attendees at the event and deliver more fulfilling experiences. It has brought a new level of interaction to exhibition stand designs by blurring the lines between computer graphics and real-life objects to create a unique exhibiting experience for your audience. The day is not far when augmented reality would be booming the exhibition industry. Incorporating such growing thriving technology in exhibition stand designs is a perfect way to boost engagement at an exhibition.

Transforming Exhibition Spaces into Interactive Platforms

Now before getting into much detail about augmented reality technology, let us first understand the basics of it. Augmented Reality is nothing but a new form of technology that enables computer-generated graphics to collaborate with the real world. AR is concealed content comprehended in printed and film media. It can comprise sound effects, videos or images to make the proximate atmosphere interactive for the customer.

You must be thinking this is even possible through a TV presentation, but AR Tech will enable the attendee to personally dive right in and explore the areas that they might be interested in. Suppose you are a car brand and have limited space in your exhibition booth to display your product. In this scenario, using AR Tech in your exhibition stand designs will allow your potential customers to explore the car as if it is in front of them, without it being there. It will let you showcase the features of the car as well as the size of it.

Benefits of using Augmented Reality in Exhibition Stand Designs

  • Incorporating augmented reality as one of the exhibition stand ideas in your stand will help you bring your exhibition stand graphics to life.
  • Exhibition stand designs have limited space, and you may not be able to integrate everything into it. Therefore, AR Tech would help you expand your product or service display without occupying much space in your exhibition booth.
  • It allows unique and customized visual media show to communicate your ideas and brand message clearly through 2D & 3D content through smartphones.
  • It offers great interaction to your potential customers triggering the five senses before they buy your product or service



Some of the Popular AR devices used in exhibitions comprise:

  • Smartphones or tablets allow attendees to interact with the exhibit in their way.
  • QR codes enable visitors to scan for quick access to product, service or company information.
  • Smart Glasses overlay data based on what visitors are viewing within the exhibits.




Augmented Reality Technology in your Stand Design Increases Leads

Using AR Tech in your exhibition stand designs helps companies show their products in the most captivating way which allows their potential customers to hang around or dwell in your exhibition space to discover more about your products or services. Often people mistook it as a technology that helps interact in a virtual environment, but AR Tech lets CAD products and exhibition graphics make it appear as they are in the real-world environment and not a virtual one. One of the known AR features is the AR name assistant feature which uses AR-glasses that allows seeing other attendee’s details such as their names, titles, and companies, etc. thus making your networking game strong.

With AR Tech besides you, product demonstrations are certain to reach a new level. Make sure the AR Tech you choose works for your exhibition budget. Look for a cost-effective device system which will be more beneficial to circulate through the exhibit. Businesses need to incorporate AR into their communications, engagement and customer service assistance to ensure that the use of such emerging technologies enhances customer’s lives and boost sales.

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