7 Original Ideas to Create Brand Equity at Trade Shows

7 Original Ideas to Create Brand Equity at Trade Shows


Tradeshows offer a unique platform wherein businesses can achieve their marketing objectives. However, generating a high ROI from tradeshows requires you to come up with an effective marketing strategy. By taking part in a trade show, start-upsand even established businesses can enhance exposure significantly. Tradeshows offer a great opportunity for businesses to develop strong brand equity and increase brand awareness. In this article, we will discover some of the ways for businesses to change or create a perception of their brand in the minds of the customers.

1.     Display & Visuals

The way customers perceive your brand depends a great deal on the way you present your brand at the tradeshow. Opting for custom tradeshow displays and using them to give away a particular message about your brand works significantly well in your favor when trying to establish brand equity. Even though your brand is more than just your logo, you must pay attention to the trade show display rental size and its visual appeal. With the help of graphics, you can capture the attention of many attendees and communicate your brand’s unique personality.

2.     Promotional Activities

It is imperative that you create significant hype around the day of your event as well as at the tradeshow. The need for promotion does not end after the day of the event either. Having a clearly outlined marketing plan for all the three stages is necessary to build brand equity. Moreover, make sure that there is consistency in the messages throughout the three stages; otherwise, the perception of your brand will vary in the minds of the customers.

3.     Deliver Memorable Experience

Rather than focusing on your products and services, it is recommended to deliver an experience to your visitors. With the help of digital marketing and experiential marketing, you can attract more audience towards your trade show display and give them an experience that will stay with them for a long time. Incorporating technology in your custom tradeshow displays is an excellent way of letting the visitors take charge and interact with your brand.

4.     Influencers & Ambassadors

To create credibility for your brand, you can use the help of different influencers and ambassadors. You can arrange an educational session with a credible speaker or ask different influencers to promote your brand on various social media platforms. Having such support will not only make your trade show display ideas seem more attractive but will also build brand equity.



5.     Communicate Brand Values

When deciding on what content to use for your marketing efforts at the trade show, make sure that you also choose content that reflects your brand’s identity. To build brand equity, you need to educate the attendees about your brand in a way that is interesting and exciting. To do this, you can use the help of digital marketing and feature brand-focused content at your custom trade show display.

6.     Giveaways

Giving out souvenirs that the attendees can take home is another way of building brand equity. If you were able to give your visitors a unique experience, they will associate that with your brand whenever they use the giveaways. Moreover, giveaways are also effective in increasing word-of-mouth advertising and creating interests in the minds of people who were not present at the event.

7.     Use of Technology

Having an active presence on different social media platforms is extremely important if you want to generate brand awareness. You can come up with a hashtag specifically for your presence at the tradeshow or arrange a competition or contest that people can take part in and share the results later on social media platforms. Moreover, you can use touchscreens or digital monitors and use them to communicate messages about your business at the tradeshow. This use of advanced methods can help you create a tech-savvy identity for yourself in the minds of the customers.

Bottom Line     

While tradeshow displays are considered to be extremely effective in generating leads and building relationships with customers, they are also helpful in creating brand equity. However, to give out the right message to customers, you need to make sure that you plan all your marketing efforts in a consistent and timely fashion.

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