10 Successful tips to troubleshoot a busy season of trade shows

10 Successful tips to troubleshoot a busy season of trade shows


A trade show season can be frantic but fret not, here are 10 top tips that can help you have a successful show during the busy trade show season. Take a look.

1.Plan ahead and set realistic goals

Whether the planning for the trade show is been done by your management team or exclusively by you, it should be noted that there is a need for planning ahead and setting targets that are attainable and realistic. No matter where your trade show is being organized, ensure that you have quite a few months in advance to plan for trade show stands or trade show booth designs.

Setting realistic goals should be another prime agenda on your list. This is important as these goals would define your further trade show activities.

2.Don’t be afraid to get in the aisle

As you have spent quite some amount of time, money and effort for your trade show, be sure to get your trade show stands in the aisle and meet your target audience as and when they are passing by. Meet trade show stands attendees and interact with them to develop a brand consumer affinity.

3.Prep-up with talking points

On must prepare talking points to engage the trade show attendees and interact with them effectively. Make a list of conservation starters and help your booth staff with the same to assist them in keep the attendees engaged.

4.Staff your booth well

One of the main agendas of keeping oneself ready for the busy trade show season is to make sure that you have your trade show stand equipped with the right booth staff. Your booth staff can make or break the conversation with your show attendees. Hence, it is necessary that they know their work well and understand what needs to be done before the show kicks off. Help them prepare about the brand company, its products and services and other offerings.

Ensure that your booth staff also knows about the trade show booth design well and the inspiration behind the same. A lot of times, the attendees may end up asking about the trade show booth design that you are exhibiting with, as booth designs may reflect the key message of the brand.

5.Network efficiently

It is true that your key prospects and business clients are right there on the show floor. So, do not forget or hesitate to go up to them and invite them for a dinner. This will help in networking well and efficiently.

6.Feedback is important

Getting a feedback is always a positive act as this would help you in planning further for the next trade show. Take feedback about what went well and what did not, know if your trade show booth design ideas were a hit or flop, and likewise.

7.Choose a smart location

Although we all are looking at minimizing the total cost of the show, it is always good to book an expensive hotel that is closer to the show venue. Such a plan would minimize the actual cost of the cab rides to the show venue and back and also save some extra time on travelling.

8.Trade show booth rental

Are you planning for a trade show booth rental plan? If yes, then be sure to contact the best in town to get comprehensive services and solutions and at a competitive price and be ready on time.

9.Pack up travel tech

Trade show days can get real hectic. Don’t forget to pack travel techs such as power banks, headphones and phone chargers.

10.Don’t forget to look your best

It is true that spending multiple days at a stretch on trade show stands can make you look tired, but make sure to dress well and get good hours of sleep before you hit the show floor.

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