Exhibition Stand Design Ideas


Do you have an exhibition show coming up? And are your looking for exhibition stand design ideas that fit your company and will make you stand out in the crowd? Than we are here to help!

An exhibition stand is a place where your concept comes to life. So we arrange a wide array of different exhibition stand sizes that you can choose from.
You can already find many ideas with the help of our Exhibition Stand Design Selector, which will not only show you designs to fit your space, but will also give you a detailed price and break up.

Although this selector might already give you a good direction, in some cases you will need to have a customized design, optimized to match your goals, image, products and company.

The best Exhibition Stand Designs start with a good briefing

The best exhibition stand designs start with understanding your company, products, target audience and exhibition goals. A mood board can also help to give direction in creating an appropriate and appealing exhibition stand design concept. This briefing process should clarify all necessary points of concern.

Target Audience

Are you targeting consumers or professionals (B2B)? And what is the job/role of most visitors on your selected exhibition? Are they mainly decision makers or influencers?

Exhibition goals

What is it you expect out of this exhibition? How many leads do you target? Do you want to talk with prospects or with existing customers? What does it need to make you happy with the result of your exhibition participation?

Look & Feel

In terms of exhibition stand design, what fits you best and what do you like most? A modern or innovative style? Or more classy maybe? Do you need your design to be product or image orientated? How about your brand values and guidelines?


Which message do you wish to communicate with your stand? What should a visitor remember when he or she had a look at your stand?


This can be a difficult subject. But a mutual understanding of the available budget will help us in creating the best exhibition stand design for you. Our Exhibition Stand Design Selector can be of huge help here as it gives you instantly an idea of the required budget.

Effective and creative exhibition stand designs from 12-100 square meter

Let us put our 35 years of experience in the exhibition industry to your best use. By creating an effective custom modular exhibition stand with highest value for your budget and by making your exhibition a success!




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