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Exhibiting and exhibitions in Iran

Are you thinking of exhibiting in Iran or have you already booked an exhibition stand? Than this article can be of help! Iran has long been […]

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Expo participation at Euroshop 2017 in Dusseldorf

With an updated logo and name (more information about this will follow soon!) was Expo participating at Euroshop 2017 in Dusseldorf from 5-9 March. The Expo […]

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Survey questions at an exhibition: 7 do’s and don’ts

Specific survey questions enable you to get to know your customers better. However, developing a good questionnaire is harder than it seems Survey questions at an […]

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Have you planned a booth at an international trade show? Check the 3 options!

Our global economy heavily relies on foreign trade and export. In order to make and maintain contact with foreign and overseas customers, participation in international trade […]

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DIY-stand or FSC stand?

We usually use these two terms to indicate the difference between a self-build exhibition stand and one which is fully built by your stand builder DIY […]

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Modular versus Custom Exhibition Stands? Choosing your perfect stand!

Exhibitions and trade shows are the perfect platform for showcasing a brand’s products and services. As an ideal opportunity for companies to engage and interact on […]

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15 quick tips for a successful international exhibition

Being an exhibitor calls for an overall expert who can look at everything from a wide perspective. But when you plan to exhibit internationally, there are […]

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Renting or buying a booth? Advantages and disadvantages

Should I rent or rather buy a booth? It’s a frequently asked question. For a good answer, below issues should be taken into account: ⦁    How […]

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